Effective Purchase Incentives

Lisa’s blog entry last week about purchase incentives used by software companies inspired me to think about effective strategies that other industries use to increase sales and attract more customers—and how every online retailer can benefit by adopting a similar approach.

A few months ago, Comcast used an extremely compelling purchase incentive: For three weeks, they offered a free Nintendo Wii™ to new customers who signed up for Comcast’s Preferred Plus or Premier Triple Play package (you can read the press release here).

This special offer was successful for several reasons:

  1. The purchase incentive was compelling enough to attract new customers not only because of its several-hundred-dollar value, but because the immensely popular game console was in short supply.
  2. The offer was time-sensitive, which called for immediate action on behalf of the customer.
  3. The free product offered was complementary to Comcast’s service; Customers could connect the Wii to their new high-speed Internet to challenge other players on the Web.

Comcast surely acquired countless new customers by offering this purchase incentive, but what was in it for Nintendo? A valuable marketing opportunity to partner with the largest cable operator in the United States. Plus, Comcast most likely paid Nintendo a small fee for each console. Given the volume potential here, Nintendo stood to make a considerable profit even if they received only a fraction of the Wii’s retail price from Comcast—not to mention the revenue Nintendo will continually generate from selling games to their new customers.

Have you seen any great purchase incentives lately? E-mail them to us at blog@trialpay.com.

–Alex Rampell