TrialPay’s Best Of Web (BOW) Awards

Best Placement: Kinoma

Welcome to TrialPay’s Best Of Web (BOW) Awards, where we recognize the savvy online merchants that best utilize TrialPay’s e-commerce solutions. This month we’re honoring Kinoma for their highly effective use of one of our top touchpoints, the direct placement of TrialPay as a payment method.

Kinoma consistently places a “Checkout with TrialPay” button along with a “Buy Now” button on each of their product pages, including Kinoma Play, which is pictured below.

Kinoma screenshot

You can follow the best practices displayed here by Kinoma by placing a TrialPay “Get It Free” button everywhere customers can buy or download your products: on the product pages or home page of your Web site, or directly in the shopping cart. By doing so, you can:

  • Earn significant new revenue from your current traffic
  • Acquire loyal customers by giving them a great deal
  • Boost your brand by partnering with TrialPay’s premier advertisers
  • Expand your customer database and earn significant upsell revenue for years to come

Don’t already have a direct placement? Log in to your merchant account or e-mail your account manager to get started.