Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions

Shopping cart abandonment is a major concern for any online retailer. Many studies show that up to 60% of all online shopping carts are abandoned, while reports that cart abandonment rates are as high as 75%. Why so high? The reasons vary.
Shipping definitely plays a factor—the cost might be too high or the delivery time might take too long. Oftentimes shoppers abandon their carts because they are using your shopping cart to compare prices from other online stores, or to research the product before buying it offline. And many shoppers abandon their carts when the checkout process is too complicated.
How to prevent shopping cart abandonment
All this talk about cart abandonment may sound like bad news. But the good news is that there are many ways you can help prevent it.
Streamlining the checkout process can help lower abandonment rates. Use as few pages as possible and include a customer service contact number in case your shoppers have questions, and avoid asking your customers to register before making a purchase. According to Volusion E-commerce Solutions, brick-and-mortar stores never require their customers to register before entering the checkout line, so you shouldn’t either (especially since it’s much easier for a customer to leave an online store than a physical store).
Entrepreneur Magazine recently divulged a few helpful tips for online sellers to wipe out shopping cart abandonment, which included offering alternative payment options and telling customers about special discounts, coupons and other incentives up front, not at checkout. We agree that most incentives should be offered up-front, but you can also save sales by offering a special deal for those who attempt to abandon their carts.
For example, TrialPay creates cart abandonment widgets for our merchants, which pop-up when shoppers attempt to abandon the checkout process, offering a chance for shoppers to get the product free by trying or buying something else from a premier advertiser.
Finally, you can prevent shoppers from abandoning their carts due to unexpectedly high shipping costs by exposing your shipping costs before they get to the checkout—or by offering free shipping. If you can’t afford to pay the postage, try offering purchase incentives from another company instead. By using such a unique and compelling promotion, you can also differentiate your product from your competition by more than just the purchase price—which means fewer shoppers will abandon their carts in search of a better deal.
Do you have any tips for lowering shopping cart abandonment rates? Share your comments below.