Increase Sales During Valentine’s Day

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We’re coming off record holiday spending, but with Valentine’s Day around the corner it’s already time to prepare for your next holiday promotion. Why? Take a look at this these statistics from the National Retail Federation:

  • Valentine’s Day is the third-largest holiday
  • Last year Americans spent $14.7 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts
  • Over one-third of people said they would buy flowers for Valentine’s Day

So why are we telling software and digital goods merchants about flowers? Because you can make a sale for every bouquet your customers buy on your site – we want you to get a big slice of that $14.7 billion!

Using TrialPay’s Get It Free model, online merchants who sell software or other digital goods can cash in by using this simple phrase, “Send Flowers, Get Software”. The hundreds, thousands or millions of people visiting your sites can now complete their Valentine’s shopping from your page and get the best deal on the Web – free stuff by buying things they plan on purchasing anyway!

We just launched a Valentine’s Day site along with a webinar to help you get started.


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