In the Spotlight: Tetris Online Finds ‘Less is More’ With TrialPay

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Earlier this year, our good friends at Tetris Online, Inc. were searching for a way to improve user-sentiment and increase revenues. How do you make your users happier and make more money from them? Hmm… that’s a tough one!

Tetris Online, Inc. decided to implement TrialPay’s ad-funded payment platform on their games, which allows gamers to earn virtual currency or premium content for free by trying or buying cool stuff from TrialPay’s blue-chip advertising partners. After implementing TrialPay in their games, sales jumped over 30% and consumer satisfaction grew!

TrialPay was put to the test when Tetris Online began feature clipping their games (charging for features that originally were free). The sentiment of their users remained positive because their gamers knew that they could always ‘Get it Free’ with TrialPay. This let Tetris Online add new revenue streams. Don’t take my word for it. Here is Shawn Taras, Executive Producer at Tetris Online, Inc., sharing his experience with TrialPay.


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