In the Spotlight: Lavasoft Makes Millions by Turning Free Users Into Paying Customers

Lavasoft launched the first commercially available anti-spyware product in 1999, establishing what is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware is an instantly recognizable anti-spyware title that has been downloaded more than 400 million times worldwide.

Regardless of the software’s immense popularity, there will always be loyal users who opt for the free version over purchasing Ad-Aware Pro for $29.95; it’s simply the nature of the software business, where 1-3% conversion rates on trial upgrades are the norm. So Lavasoft opted for a creative way to convert more free users into paying customers by partnering with TrialPay in late 2007.

Lavasoft uses several TrialPay touchpoints including the interstitial page that gives all free downloaders the ability to upgrade to the pro version ($29.95) for free if they complete an offer a blue-chip advertising partner (buying jeans from the GAP, signing up for a trial of Netflix, etc.).

Every month, Lavasoft sells more than 5,000 units of Ad-Aware Pro through TrialPay – sales they otherwise would never have made – and, to date, has earned millions in incremental revenue. To learn more from about Lavasoft’s partnership with TrialPay, read the case study: Turning Free Users Into Paying Customers.