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AdWeek Series: Should You Be Advertising Inside Social Games?

According to a recent report by Nielsen, social networking is the most popular activity on the Web, followed by online games, which are even more popular than personal e-mail. What this means for advertisers is that online games on social … Continue reading


Software Marketing Tip: Target Users Looking to “Steal” Your Software

Attracting new customers is the most challenging part of any software business. Many smaller software companies spend upwards for 50% of their revenues on acquiring new customers. But sometimes the most effective customer acquisition strategies cost next to nothing. One … Continue reading


Software Marketing Tip: Use keywords to attract people searching for your free software

Customer acquisition is usually the largest variable cost in software companies’ budgets, and TrialPay’s research shows that smaller vendors are spending over 50 percent of their revenues to acquire customers.  This means that even small changes in the effectiveness of … Continue reading


7 Ways to Add Value to Transactions Without Discounting Your Product

Coupons, discounts and sales can be your friend when driving conversions, but they can also be your nemesis. Why should you always have to discount your product purchase price?  After all, your product is a representation of hard work, and … Continue reading