Software Marketing Tip: Market to Your Customers’ Other Interests

When software vendors think about acquiring new customers, most turn to paid advertising like SEM and display, as well as email marketing, social media, and SEO. But sometimes you have to think outside the box to attract new customers.

One customer acquisition strategy that works well and costs very little: targeting your core customers’ other interests besides software. Here’s how it works.

  • Survey your customers about their other interests beyond software to identify 1-2 topics for targeted marketing content
  • Build a content website and newsletter around a topic that interests your core customer base, but which has nothing to do with your software.
  • On this website, create valuable content such as articles, tips and tricks, user forums etc. that will attract more people interested in this topic. Use SEO tactics to get this site found, then advertise and promote your products on the site.
  • Send the newsletter to your email list; you already know most of your customers will be interested in the content, and they may share the newsletter with friends. Of course, you can advertise and promote your products in the newsletter.

For example, a casual games software company knew the majority of its customer base was women, and when it surveyed customers about their interests, they found most were interested in house cleaning. They created a website and a newsletter all about house cleaning – something utterly unrelated to their games software.  They had great success engaging their core audience with content about “cleaning”, but also encouraged website visitors and newsletter readers to “Come on over and play XX game while your windows are drying.” The result was a marked increase in new customers.

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