TrialPay Launches New Checkout Flow for Higher Conversion Rates

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Things are looking pretty good around here—and converting better, too. That’s because we just launched a new-and-improved checkout flow that includes a sleek new design, user-friendly features and a streamlined header. Why? Because we’re always testing and optimizing our UI to improve performance and boost our merchants’ revenue.

After extensive A/B testing of this redesign, we’ve seen:

  • A 10-15% increase in conversions
  • Streamlined design with a more modern look
  • Improved user experience

The redesign launched on Thursday, October 21—which means each of our merchants already have a snazzy new design in their TrialPay checkouts.

The redesign includes:

  1. Header Image
    Clean, streamlined header featuring a 250×60 logo and your choice of four background gradients.
  2. Video
    The animated video shows users how they can get their product for free by completing one offer from major brands.
  3. Press Coverage
    This section reinforces that TrialPay is a trusted brand with strong endorsements from premier media outlets.
  4. “Money Saved” Counter
    The “money saved” counter demonstrates how much money uses have saved using TrialPay. The counter uses social buying influences to encourage users to join a growing group of savvy shoppers.
  5. 1-2-3 Breadcrumbs
    The new breadcrumb feature clearly defines the checkout process and highlights the free product as the ultimate reward.
  6. Categories
    New highlighted “categories” feature lets users easily select targeted advertising offers based on their shopping needs.

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4 comments on “TrialPay Launches New Checkout Flow for Higher Conversion Rates

  1. We added TrialPay checkout option to our site about two years ago. We see big increase in TrialPay sales this year, especially since June, 2010. Maybe that is because of the change of checkout flow.

    And you can see more details from our site for the use of The trialPay checkout.

    We really appreciate the efforts of TrialPay Team.


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