TrialPay University: A Resource for Facebook Developers

TrialPay University

We’re very excited to announce the launch of TrialPay University. The team here at TrialPay has been working hard over the past few weeks to develop this resource for Facebook developers. We know how tricky it can be to keep up with all the changes on the Facebook platform and how crucial it is to understand this constantly evolving landscape in order to effectively monetize users. This is where TrialPay University can help

TrialPay University is a comprehensive online resource geared towards Facebook developers for all things related to offers. We created TrialPay University with the objective of providing a centralized hub where Facebook developers can access the latest news, product features, best practices and more.

Right now, we are spotlighting the Developer Dashboard, where developers can gauge the effectiveness of their DealSpot and Offer Shortcut touchpoints, see how touchpoints appear to customers in different countries and disable touchpoints that are no longer in use.

This is a resource that we will be updating constantly with new tools and rolling out more features, so developers should check back regularly to take advantage of this great resource!

Check out TrialPay University here now!