How to Create Effective Holiday Campaigns With TrialPay

With all of the holiday campaigns and promotions going on, it can sometimes be a little challenging to figure out the best way for you to make the most of this busy season. But as we pointed out in our earlier post, the consumer holiday spending spree presents a great opportunity to boost sales—even if you don’t sell holiday products. We’ve looked at the strategies of successful online merchants to narrow down a list of best practices that you can implement today!

  1. Direct web placements and in-product notifiers

    Placing a holiday-themed banner on high-traffic areas of your site can be a great eye-catching way to highlight promotions to potential customers. To upgrade existing customers, consider adding the TrialPay option to your in-product notification screens. Here are some tips:

    • Keep your messaging simple and to the point
    • Highlight the value the customer gets by completing an offer. You should emphasize the point that customers can do their holiday shopping while getting your product for free. For example, the above banner from uses contrasting colors to make their message stand out and leads with this statement, “Shop this holiday season.” Below, Avira highlighted a specific TrialPay offer and chose a relevant and simple message, “Give the gift of wine and flowers.”

    • Showcase the discount consumers are receiving
    • displays the regular price of $25 and reiterates the point that a consumer can get the gift certificates for free by completing an offer. Avira highlights the value with a bright yellow and orange burst that says, “Now Free.”

    • Feature a prominent call to action
    • Make the button large enough so that users can easily identify the call to action and make sure that the color pops out to entice the viewer. uses a large blue button with the call to action, “Get It Free.” Avira chose an orange button against a beige background to draw more clicks and provide a clear option to get its software for free.

  2. Bundle products or services
  3. Putting together special bundles of products is a valuable way to motivate cost-conscious consumers to buy more products at a discounted rate.

    Product bundling is useful because the package is often of greater value to the consumer than individual items. Bundling offers a convenience factor as customers can look to a single destination (your site) for several products or services. This strategy is also great for increasing sales volume and generates more exposure for the array of products/services in your inventory. For example, last year CNET offered an exclusive holiday deal of $170 worth of software essentials (anti-virus, registry cleaner, compression software, PDF creator and more) for just $30.

  4. Scheduled email campaign
  5. Sending holiday emails at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the season increases engagement and reminds customers of the offers that you are currently running. Plus, email reminders are a good way to reach customers who might not be actively checking your site. Email content also deepens your relationship with your audience because it brings your messaging to a more personalized space: the inbox. Ideally, by providing valuable and timely information to your customers, you can effectively connect with customers in a cost-efficient way. Read more about how to best utilize scheduled emails in our recent blog post about how to retain more customers.

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