Valentine’s Day: Holiday Spending Sprees Don’t Just Happen In Q4

For most game developers using offers, Valentine’s Day can generate more offer revenue than Christmas! How’s that possible? Let’s look at the numbers…

According to the National Retail Federation, Valentine’s Day is the 3rd biggest holiday in terms of consumer spending. The average person spent $116.21 last year buying chocolates, flowers and other gifts for loved ones, friends and even pets!

Plus, the NRF says 1 in 3 people are expected to buy flowers for Valentine’s Day this year, which means developers can profit from ultra-targeted campaigns that are sure to appeal to millions of users with just a single proposition: “Send Flowers, Earn Coins.”

In fact, our research shows that seasonal flower promotions can drive a 5X increase in offer revenue and yield $20 per transaction. Plus, many developers see first-time purchases from about 40% of users who take advantage of flower offers—that is, when they use the right offer placement.

Offer placement is one of the most important factors in campaign performance because if your users don’t see, they won’t take advantage of it. Upper-funnel placements (such as on your game home page or in your game navigation) ensure that 100% of players see your offer compared to the 5% of players who will voluntarily visit your payment page.

Adding a Valentine’s Day DealSpot to your game is an effective upper-funnel placement that increases sales by capturing players who want to buy flowers for Valentine’s Day but wouldn’t otherwise have made a virtual currency purchase.

Integrate a DealSpot flower promotion for Valentine’s Day to keep the holiday monetization momentum going. (There’s even a $200 early bird bonus!)