Valentine’s Day Strategies Beyond DealSpot

Integrating a Valentine’s Day promotion through DealSpot is not the only way you can reach your players during this valuable holiday.

We’ve come up with a few more ways you can ensure all of your players take advantage of a Valentine’s Day flower promotion, even when they aren’t actively playing your game.

1. In-Game Welcome Message

In-game welcome messages appear when a player logs into the game and is a great way to notify players about new features and deals. Capture the attention of players as soon as they open your app with a Valentine’s Day-themed welcome message. Encourage players to complete the seasonal offer so that they can progress more quickly in your game. In the example below, the welcome message grabs the player’s attention with a simple message and clear call to action to buy flowers and earn Happy Valley Horseshoes.

2. Wall Post

Once a player “Likes” your game on Facebook, you have the ability to post to his or her wall. Create a special Valentine’s Day wall message that highlights your seasonal offer and the value it drives to players. Wall messages are a more personal way to reach players and remind them to resume gameplay, so that they can take advantage of this special Valentine’s Day offer. The wall post from “Happy Valley” highlights the offer and provides more details on the promotion as subtext. You can add whatever messaging you want, including a deadline (i.e. “Ends February 14”) to create a sense of urgency and encourage players to act sooner.

3. Seasonal Email

Drive more players to your game even when they aren’t browsing Facebook by sending out a special Valentine’s Day email highlighting the flower offer and the value of completing the promotion.  Emails are a great way to remind players to return to the game and showcase new features and deals. The look of the “Happy Valley” email mirrors the overall look of the game while reminding players to resume gameplay to complete the flower offer. You can incorporate a “Continue” button like the one in the email below to make it easy for players to access your app and buy flowers!

We hope you integrate some of these strategies in your Valentine’s Day campaign today!