Launch a Valentine’s Campaign With Our New Touchpoint

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We’ve already discussed the value of seasonal flower promotions during Valentine’s Day, but now we’d like to introduce a new touchpoint that we’re rolling out just in time for Valentine’s Day!

So what is it?

It’s called the Bottoms Up Bar, and it’s a touchpoint that looks just like this:


The Bottoms Up Bar is a banner that automatically appears at the bottom of the page at a time of your choosing to prominently display an offer to users. It grabs the attention of consumers without distracting from your site content, and the customer can freely scroll up and down on your page with the widget in place (or even easily close the widget if they choose).

Because it can be displayed on a number of different pages, including landing, product and cart pages, it’s a very versatile touchpoint. The Bottoms Up Bar is also highly customizable. We can feature your product image, a range of background/text colors, as well as your personalized headline, subtext and call to action. You choose when you want to display the banner and how frequently you want it to appear.

Integrating your Bottoms Up Bar is simple and only requires a single line of JavaScript, so tap into Valentine’s Day spending and make more sales this season by featuring a Valentine’s Day flower promotion through a Bottoms Up Bar.

If you contact us here by January 30 and launch a Bottoms Up Bar campaign in February, we’ll give you a $100 gift card!


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