TrialPay and TubeMogul Bring Real-Time Media Buying To Social Video Advertising

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with TubeMogul, a media buying platform for brand advertising, to bring real-time media buying to social video advertising for the first time.

TrialPay recently developed a private exchange that enables brand advertisers to efficiently buy audiences across hundreds of games, and for our first integration, we partnered with TubeMogul, an early leader in real-time media purchasing of video advertising. TubeMogul’s clients, which include the world’s top trading desks and brand advertisers, will now have the ability to buy video ads for these new units alongside pre-existing formats (pre-roll, in-display, etc.).

This real-time bidding is an especially welcome and exciting development because it lends more transparency to brand advertisers: they can see what they are buying and can access detailed audience reporting from TubeMogul. Brand advertisers will know where their ads are running in each campaign and can leverage built-in optimization to maximize engagement and brand impact in real-time. This capability—combined with the advanced targeting possible on the Facebook platform—now gives brand advertisers a unique chance to engage viewers on a deeper level.

Video ads in our private beta tests performed strongly, even stacking up well against in-stream units. The new in-game Facebook placements heightened awareness and purchase metrics across the board for the brand surveys tested, with particularly pronounced results for message association and brand favorability.

Brand advertisers are increasingly looking towards social media games as the audience size continues to grow rapidly. TrialPay’s partnership with TubeMogul will increase returns for developers while supplying relevant and engaging inventory for players.