The Bottoms-Up Bar: An Easy-to-Integrate Optimization Tool

Now it’s easier than ever to integrate the Bottoms-Up Bar (BUB) optimization tool on your site!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Bottoms-Up Bar, it’s a banner that automatically appears at the bottom of the page at a time of your choosing to prominently display an offer to users.

It grabs the attention of consumers without distracting from your site content, and the customer can freely scroll up and down on your page with the widget in place (or even easily close the widget if they choose). It’s a very versatile touchpoint that you can display on a number of different pages, including landing, product and cart pages. You can watch a live demo here.

Merchants who beta-tested the BUB have already reported very positive results! On average, merchants saw an increase of 29% in daily revenue from the BUB placement with conversion rates as high as 3.81%. Results also indicate the BUB provides incremental revenue without cannibalizing existing TrialPay revenue.

Simply add one line of JavaScript to your site and you can start increasing revenue today.

Click here to learn how you can integrate a BUB on your site.