Diversifying Revenue with TrialPay

About 5 years ago, when Fandango’s team was searching for a way to diversify their revenue stream and ramp up their third-party offer program, they turned to TrialPay’s transactional advertising platform to convert browsers into ticket buyers. After testing a variety of promotions and banner ads to optimize performance, Fandango and TrialPay launched a “Get Free Ticket” button on their showtimes page to allow users to get a free ticket in exchange for completing an offer from premier advertisers.

“It’s important for any business to maintain diverse revenue streams, and we wanted to find a solution that promoted ticket sales without cannibalizing existing revenue,” said Wesley Furuta, who manages the TrialPay partnership for Fandango. “With TrialPay, we gained additional revenue and saw no loss of direct ticket sales.”

With TrialPay, Fandango saw a 3x increase in average revenue per sale. In addition, the “Get Free Ticket” button outperforms banner offers 6 to 1. Read our case study to find out how TrialPay’s platform generated new revenue for Fandango without cannibalizing existing revenue or distracting users from the purchase flow.