Mobile Optimization Matters

Mobile-optimized Offers Deliver 2.5x More Revenue

It’s not breaking news that the world has gone mobile. According to StatCounter* the volume of web traffic originating from mobile devices doubled in the last 12 months. Many expect this stat to double again next year. Hopefully, you’re already using offers to increase your mobile revenue (and if you’re not, you should be). Here are a few insights to help you.

Consumers are surprisingly receptive to traditional CPA offers on mobile devices. This is great news for developers because the payouts on these offers are much higher than for other offer types, like install offers or videos.

Contrary to common practice, regular CPA offers designed for a PC generally aren’t the way to go on a mobile device. TrialPay’s research into offer effectiveness shows that mobile-optimized offers perform significantly better than un-optimized offers. In fact, on average we found that mobile optimized offers deliver over 2.5 times the revenue per impression that regular offers do.

Giving your users mobile-optimized offers is the simplest and most important way to ensure you are maximizing your revenue opportunities.

Below is the basic anatomy of what makes a great mobile optimized offer. There are four basic requirements: No horizontal scrolling required, no zooming required, a short overall form, and easy fields for input.

Because of the clear benefits that mobile-optimized offers bring to users and developers, TrialPay strives wherever possible to deliver mobile optimized offers. Often these are exclusive offers that we have built in concert with the advertiser. To learn how TrialPay’s unique offer set can help you, email