TrialPay’s Video Mediation Platform

TrialPay’s Video Mediation Platform

Incentivized video and brand engagements are the fastest growing way to monetize and engage users
on both your web and mobile games. TrialPay’s new video mediation platform can manage your house
and 3rd party campaigns all within a single product. Maximize your fill rates and increase monetization
so that you can devote more time to doing what you do best—building great games.

  • More Revenue: Using complex optimization algorithms, TrialPay’s platform dynamically ranks
    video campaigns to maximize fill rates and increase user engagement, so you can be sure you
    aren’t leaving revenue on the table. Take advantage of customized targeting and display options
    to achieve your monetization goals.
  • More Inventory: Our mediation platform gives you automatic access to video budgets from over
    20 of our partner providers, as well as TrialPay-sourced campaigns. Plus, we make it easy to
    dynamically feed direct-sourced and 3rd party campaigns through our platform.
  • Less Hassle: Aggregating all your video into one tech platform eliminates the need to spend
    valuable time and resources integrating, managing, and monitoring multiple partners. Have
    TrialPay handle sourcing, compliance, billing, collection, auditing, and support so that you can
    focus on growing your business.

Video Platform

TrialPay makes launching easy with a single integration that allows for dynamic inventory display,
real time performance reporting, live support, and a library of documentation for both advertising
and publishing partners.

Last Year, TrialPay saw video revenues increase by 50% in Q4, and TrialPay’s new video product
will ensure that you are able to make the most of the windfall. Contact our team now to ensure that
your games are primed to take full advantage of video inventory!