In response to Facebook’s Breaking Change: Upgrade to TrialPay Direct now to continue providing offers on Facebook apps

With Facebook’s local currency requirement deadline approaching, TrialPay rolls out enhancements to the TrialPay Direct platform.

As you know, Facebook has announced the official date for deprecating Credits will be September 12, 2013 (read more on their developer blog). This means that developers whose apps are live on the site need to migrate their system integrations to accept payments locally for virtual currency and goods. We urge developers to begin the migration as soon as possible to give ample time for testing.

Since 2010, TrialPay has given users access to a wide variety of premium offers on Facebook, pooling from hundreds of network partners from over 180 countries.  As the official partner for earned economy for Facebook, we have developed a high quality, holistic mediation layer to optimize these offers across over 400 different developers.  We look forward to continuing to make offers and ads available for our partners after the transition to local currency.

With TrialPay Direct comes a number of enhanced benefits that our partners can take advantage of to diversify revenue.  By removing Credits as an intermediate currency, developers will now have access to a wider variety of offers.  With these additional offers, we are excited to provide devs the ability, with the switch of a toggle, to not just offer currency, but to distribute virtual items as well.

  1. Enhanced performance: Load times around double the speed, in depth reporting and easier troubleshooting make for a better partner and user experience
  2. New Offer Wall:  Gain access to an improved version of the Offer Wall, that includes features like the “New Offer Indicator”
  3. More video inventory:  Developers will now have access to an even broader selection of video inventory for DealSpot

TrialPay will continue to drive the same high quality volume via premium offers, which have proven to increase user engagement while boosting revenue for developers.  We are excited about this next chapter for Facebook apps, and look forward to helping our partners, old and new, make the transition.

For more information, please visit our developer help site.