The Value-Exchange Economy

On September 12, 2013, Facebook will deprecate their JS wrapper, effectively ending Credits.  Therefore, developers who want to give users the option to complete offers in exchange for local currency will have to set up a direct call to TrialPay.  These direct calls are nothing new, and many developers already use the API, available here

Last week, we highlighted the technical benefits of TrialPay Direct.  This week, we want to address the impact that our value-exchange platform will have for our partners moving forward.

Offer Economics
Offers continue to be a popular way for users to receive virtual currency and goods. In fact, revenue from offer completions account for 5-15% of game revenue.* Furthermore, research shows that offers help players make the transition from “free” to paying users.  Our data indicates around 5% of payers were first motivated to make a payment by transacting with offers.**

TrialPay continues to serve as Facebook’s only offer mediation platform, providing developers access to our inventory, as well as offers from companies like SponsorPay, Supersonic Ads, Radium One, Deal United and Peanut Labs.  Holistic mediation is gaining popularity as companies seek to consolidate advertiser relationships to offer a single interface, which also leads to higher payouts for developers.

TrialPay facilitates the mediation of video offers, which accounts for almost 35% of reward-advertising revenue for Facebook developers. Our video mediation layer manages over 30 providers, representing hundreds of agencies, in over 70 countries.  Utilizing video to deliver virtual items as rewards is on the rise, providing a way for developers monetize on Facebook without having to pay platform fees. Developers can now specify whether they want to issue virtual items or virtual currency in the API.

In-Store Offers
After two years of development, our proprietary offline platform for in-store offers, is now available on Facebook. In-store offers are an instant way for customers to earn currency by purchasing coffee, or lunch, while bypassing traditional coupons, apps and check-ins.  As 95% of consumer spending occurs offline, in-store offers open the door for new advertisers, while delivering developers a piece of the $2.5 trillion market in the US.

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 *There is a 45/55 split of revenue from the Offer Wall (alternative payment options) vs. DealSpot (in-game ads) placements. Most developers deploy both
**Based on data from apps where TrialPay manages both payments and offers.  For games with a high lifetime value, 5% is a significant new source of revenue