What’s Happening: Mobile Ad Stats

We’ve had a pretty data-heavy week here at TrialPay, and we thought some of the mobile trends in Opera Media’s State of Mobile Advertising Report for Q2 2013 were worth sharing.

The international mobile ad market is growing rapidly, with the United States’ share of mobile ad impressions dropping below 50 percent. However, with three out of four transactions still taking place in America, the U.S. remains the biggest market for ad revenue. The challenge facing mobile marketers is how to turn their increasingly international mobile impressions into revenue.

Other interesting stats, according to the study:
• iOS is the clear leader in both mobile impression volume and revenue.
• Rich media ads are returning great results in terms of click-through rate, sometimes performing up to 400 percent better than standard banner ads.
• Patterns of use vary by the season: monthly ad impressions increase beginning in October until just after the holiday season in January. There’s an uptick in March and impressions grow again until dropping in June.

There’s more numbers for your consumption at the source.

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