What’s Happening: The Pros and Cons of Native Ads

Even though mobile use is exploding worldwide, advertisers are still trying to figure out how to best monetize this growing market. Considering consumers’ distaste for banner-style ads, native ads are quickly emerging as the best mobile marketing tool. In their Native Advertising on Mobile report, Business Insider decided to focus on the benefits and drawbacks of native advertising.

So what is a native ad? According to Business Insider, it is “an integral part of a site or app experience” and includes in-stream ads, activity-triggered ads and branded content.

Native ads provide an immersive experience for the mobile user, making them a powerful tool for advertisers. Given their high-quality, customizable nature, native ads are costlier than traditional banner ads. However, they also allow advertisers to better track audience data and to reach a highly engaged and targeted audience – benefits that ensure that the popularity of native ads will only continue to rise.

A summary of the article can be found here.

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