#TrialPayCures at Casual Connect: The Offline Opportunity

Last week, at Casual Connect, Terry Angelos, our President and Co-Founder, gave a talk on the offline opportunity, challenging developers and vendors alike to think about how they are taking advantage of the “offline opportunity”.  While ecommerce is growing, 95% of consumer spending in the US still happens offline.  The big brands, however, seem hesitant to use paid advertising online, because they haven’t figured out how to connect the online customer to a transaction. TrialPay focuses on everyday shopping habits of consumers, and is bridging that gap with positive results.

“[As an advertiser], why put up billboards, when you could be putting ads in the game as they are walking past [your store]?”

Devs have an opportunity as well to engage their users and tap into the $2.5trillion annual consumer spend.  They now collectively control the lion’s share of mobile and online attention, so how can they connect consumer shopping habits with the gaming habit, all the while increasing revenue?

“Every single person here on their phone is going to buy something in a store.  Probably today.”

That’s a huge opportunity, and we’re just getting started.  Check out the rest of Terry’s talk:

And, remember, if you ever feel the symptoms of bloated ecpms, integration headaches, or scammy offers, TrialPay has a cure for that….