Do users who complete offers become paying customers?

An oft cited statistic in social gaming is that only 5% of your players are actually paying customers. So how do you monetize the other 95%?  That’s where TrialPay comes in.  We enable developers to monetize the players who are not willing to make in-app purchases (IAPs) by allowing them to earn currency by engaging with our advertisers. Additionally, we have found that value-exchange offers give users a taste of the benefits of virtual currency, and actually convert a significant percentage of non-payers to payers.

How do offers impact paid behavior, you ask? By studying the transaction data from a strategy game from a top web and mobile developer, using our offerwall, we found that:

  • 8.17% of users that had made in app purchases for that game also completed an offer at some point

  • Almost 5% of payers are onboarded by offers*

  • For that game, 4% of total revenue came from payers onboarded by offers**

The average order size for these newly converted payers is 86% that of other payers — an impressive number, considering before the introduction of offers, these people weren’t going to purchase at all!  Assuming offer revenue accounts for 14% of your game’s revenue (a reasonable estimate), this puts the lower bound for revenue attributable to offers at 17.67%.

Awesome!  So what’s the upshot here?  The benefits of TrialPay go beyond your run-of-the-mill offer revenue.  TrialPay offers account for an additional 4% or so of your revenue, and onboards about 5% of your paying customers!

If you’d like to learn more about the ways that TrialPay’s value-exchange platform can be beneficial for your business, check out this recent blog post.

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* We only considered users who completed an offer before their first IAP
** Typical revenue boosts are between 4-10%