What’s Happening: The Changing Mobile Ad Landscape

We highlighted some of the pros and cons of native ads last week, but native advertisements may have a more far-reaching impact on the mobile business landscape at large, as discussed by Sephi Shapria of Massive Impact in a Venture Beat article this week.

Mobile marketing currently falls to middlemen – ad networks and affiliate networks – rather than app developers. But with the emergence of deep, in-app advertising technology like native ads, these middlemen will need to rethink their strategies and work more closely with app developers to maximize the impact of in-game advertisements.

The rise in popularity of deeply integrated native ads will lead to a more cohesive and efficient mobile advertising landscape where all parties benefit: more efficient mobile campaigns increase advertisers’ revenue; developers gain control over their mobile traffic assets and reap the profits from more effective ads; and consumers get more relevant and meaningful offers.

Sephi Shapria’s article can be found here.

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