What’s Happening: Interstitial Ads are Proving Themselves

In the midst of our recent discussions about the benefits of various types of mobile ads, we were happy to see a report that substantiated all the buzz.

This week, InMobi released concrete numbers showing that mobile interstitial ads are living up to the hype. Interstitial ads are full-page ads that appear between content pages on mobile apps, capturing the user’s undivided attention.

A huge variety of advertisers have adopted interstitial ads, and the majority have had their expectations exceeded:
• One hotel chain saw a 25-fold increase in their number of video views when they started using interstitial ads.
• One game developer saw seven times as many conversions from interstitial ads as from banner ads.
• Another app developer saw eCPMs jump nine times over traditional banner ads with interstitial ads.

The study found that interstitial ads work best for games, social and entertainment apps. On Android, interstitial ads had the highest conversion rates for games at 3.04 percent. On iOS, interstitial ads were the most successful in social and entertainment apps (2.71 and 2.26 percent, respectively). However, banner ads remain the best advertising format for lifestyle content for both platforms.

You can read the full article here.

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