Partnership: TrialPay and Applicasa join forces to offer premium monetization solution

So, you spend a ton of time and resources building an engaging app that users will love.  That’s great.  But with hundreds of thousands of apps vying for consumer attention, in combination with the “freemium” model reigning supreme, how are you going to make money?   If you are a smaller developer who can’t spare the resources to build out your own monetization platform, this can be a particularly overwhelming challenge, at best.

Don’t worry, TrialPay and Applicasa have you covered.

As industry leaders in our respective fields, our two companies offer partners different means of monetization.  Applicasa helps mobile developers with back end support and intelligent segmentation data.  Their solution facilitates in app purchase behavior with tools like delivering sales promotions to the right customers at the right times.  TrialPay, as you know, provides access to premium offers that allow consumers to engage with their favorite brands in exchange for virtual currency.

TrialPay offers are now available though a simple API on the Applicasa platform.  By giving developers the option to display offers to users, it adds a whole new dimension to monetization.  Users can pay directly, take advantage of a sales promotion, or complete an offer while deeply engaged with the app.  With the technical support of Applicasa’s system, and the diversity of TrialPay’s advertising partners, developers can look forward to more revenue and a broader, more engaged user base.

Interested in this holistic monetization solution?  Contact Applicasa at today!