What’s Happening: Mobile Usage at an All-Time High

Business Insider released two data-heavy reports this week, one focusing on the benefits of big data and the other analyzing the numbers.

With mobile usage as the primary driver, current indications predict a 40 to 50-fold increase in data volumes by 2020. If both mobile developers and mobile advertisers can harness this data, they can make better marketing decisions to not only attract new customers, but retain and better serve existing customers.

So what does big data tell us about the current mobile market?

It tells us that mobile usage is at an all-time high, with one fifth of a U.S. consumer’s time now spent on mobile devices. In fact, people are now spending as much time on their mobile devices as they are on desktops and laptops.

For mobile developers and advertisers, these are welcome news:
• Not only are people watching more videos on mobile devices, they are watching them for longer periods of time. For mobile advertisers, this means increased opportunities for ad placement.
• Mobile-only users make up approximately 20 percent of Facebook’s total user base and represent 41 percent of the company’s ad revenue.
• Apps with specialized searches, Yelp in particular, are threatening Google’s dominant search engine; Business Insider expects local-mobile to be increased competition in the near future.

Click here for Business Insider’s take on big data, and here for more stats on mobile usage.

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