What’s Happening: The Importance of Email

Although we tend to focus most of our attention on new and innovative ad technologies, VentureBeat reminded us this week not to neglect a technology we use every day but don’t think much about: email.

Email may not be new or innovative, but it is still an extremely effective marketing tool. Email open rates have increased to 31 percent this year, and the prevalence of mobile and tablet usage means that by the end of 2013, approximately 50 percent of people will be predominantly accessing their emails on mobile devices.

Advertisers shouldn’t forget the importance of reaching an audience through email. VentureBeat highlights three email-specific advantages:
• Email is a non-native messaging format that can bring an audience back into a mobile app.
• Email provides marketers with “engagement insurance” because of its permanence (in contrast to push-notifications, which disappear after they’ve been read).
• Email can drive purchases to desktop devices.

As more people turn to their mobile devices to read and check emails, marketers need to fully consider their mobile audience to increase the effectiveness of their overall advertising strategy.

To read more about email’s importance, you can access the full article here.

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