HTML5 vs. SDK. Rather than either/or, TrialPay created the best of both worlds…

As mobile developers look to outside parties to help with monetization needs, there is, of course, a debate on the best tools to integrate the additional code from outside parties. HTML5 has become popular, due to its cross platform capabilities and the ability to include rich, customizable content (i.e. videos, audio and imaging), without having to bring in multiple tools like flash and java. On the other hand, software developer kits (SDK) allow for high level application programming interfaces (API), and are relatively straightforward to integrate into existing code.

So what’s a developer to choose?

Rather than pick one or the other, TrialPay came up with a third option; a hybrid approach that includes a light-weight SDK functioning as a wrapper around our HTML5. The majority of our code and user interface rendering is built and delegated to HTML5, which allows for straightforward integration and maintenance across multiple platforms at the same time, including tablets and phones. Meanwhile, we use an SDK wrapper when we need to access device specific information, or to communicate directly with a game. This wrapper makes it easy for developers to integrate our platform without having to worry about the technical nuances of integrating HTML5 into their native app. TrialPay can also use the SDK to deliver events. For example, a completion event can be sent to the developer using the native event model, alleviating the need for a web-service/REST API call to get information about the completion status of a user.

The benefits of this approach lie in our ability to lower the cost for maintaining the UI because our engineers only have to write one piece of code that can run on multiple devices. This is convenient for integration purposes, and allows for a greater focus on customization and special features for our partners. As AB tests are faster, launches are quicker and targeting is more efficient.

So, if you’re thinking about integrating a value-exchange solution, and want to know more about TrialPay’s hybrid approach, check out our developer site for more information.