TrialPay at GamesBeat: The new age of game rewards

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GamesBeat 2013 kicked off this morning in Redwood City, California. From October 29-30, industry thought leaders and innovators will gather to discuss the gaming industry, and where it’s going.

The theme this year is centered around the Battle Royal occurring between the traditional platforms and emerging technologies.

GamesBeat Battle Royal 2013

It’s not just the games that are changing, either. Rewarding users has evolved considerably. Gone are the days of just rewarding users with extended play time. Real rewards are becoming vital to getting users to return to the game.

TrialPay specializes in rewarding users through the use of value-exchange advertising offers. One of the most intriguing of which is rewarding users for making everyday purchases, like buying lunch or a cup of coffee.

Tomorrow, October 30, TrialPay’s co-founder and president, Terry Angelos, will be speaking on a panel about this new age of game rewards.

For full event coverage (including a live feed for those that couldn’t make it this year), check out the event site!




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