TrialPay Partner, Adam Stone of Free Unlocks, Finalist in Global Student Entrepreneur’s Awards!

TrialPay provides monetization solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. One such company is, founded in 2009 by Adam Stone.

Last week, Adam, a student at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, competed in the global finals of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) in Washington DC.  The GSEA is a premier international series of competitions for student entrepreneurs, who own and run their own for profit businesses.  It brings students from over 20 countries together to share their ideas and businesses with thought leaders from around the world. Adam qualified for the global finals by competing in the Australian competition in October of this year.

TrialPay helps power by allowing customers to complete an offer through our platform in exchange for a free code to unlock their phone.  This is a valuable service for customers; allowing them to use their old handset with any carrier.  Typically, carriers “lock” devices to their network, so even after a contract is up, you cannot use the it with any other service provider.  Being able to unlock a phone is particularly helpful when traveling abroad (allowing use of an international SIM card, rather than paying expensive roaming fees), or when selling an old device (buyers won’t purchase a phone that doesn’t work with their service provider).

TrialPay is proud to partner with, and we look forward to seeing where Adam, and his company, go next!


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