TrialPay adding new monetization solutions for Facebook developers

Recently, Facebook deprecated their Credits.  All developers that wanted to continue to accept payments for virtual currency and goods in their apps on Facebook were required to switch to a local currency integration.  In response, TrialPay Direct was launched, offering developers a chance to monetize currency through value-exchange advertising.

TrialPay Direct offers enhanced performance, a new offer wall and more video inventory (you can find more information here). Each of these benefits drives increased user engagement, and a boost in revenue for developers who choose to integrate.

Since the launch of Direct, we have added two new products to enhance the benefits of integrating offerwall and DealSpot; flexible exchange rates and cross promotion:

Flexible exchange rate:

Flexible exchange rates are a unique way to leverage segmentation data.  By directly managing the exchange rate, developers can show the ideal amount of currency to the right customers.  This is particularly ideal for converting users who would be otherwise unwilling to transact, preferring instead to play for free.  By lowering the exchange rate, you can create an introductory offer of sorts.  By encouraging them to complete an offer this way, they can see the in-game benefits of having more currency in the game, and will be more likely to complete more offers, or transactions, in the future.

Cross Promotion (Premium Product):

Do you have multiple games on Facebook?  Want to get your active gamers to see what else you have to offer?  For those partners that have implemented our offerwall on more than one of their games, or who have launched our premium promotional framework, DealSpot, TrialPay is offering an exclusive opportunity to encourage your users to try all your games by displaying them on our offerwall. By integrating TrialPay Direct, you can drive your active customers to check out one of your other games; maintaining, or even renewing, their attention, and increasing their customer lifetime value

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