TrialPay helps you get the most out of your holiday season!

mobileoffers_logosIt has been another whirlwind year, particularly for the mobile industry, and we are already firmly in the holiday season.   With retail sales expected to increase 3.9% to $602.1 billion this year, we want to make sure your mobile app is well prepared to tap into this holiday revenue opportunity.

According to NRF, mobile devices are expected to play a crucial part in the overall e-commerce surge during the holidays. This consumer holiday spending spree presents a major opportunity to increase mobile app engagement rates and conversion rates. Each year, our partner developers see a significant lift in offer completions during the second half of Q4.

With the mobile offerwall and TrialPay’s DealSpot, users can complete some of their holiday shopping while engaging with your game or app!  They will love being able to buy (example: flowers and chocolates for mom via ProFlowers), while earning currency. With DealSpot, non-seasonal offers also get better completions during the holiday season because users are more intent on completing offers during this time in general. Their premium placements provide higher CPAs, which encourage offer completions.

But what about the majority of purchases that happen during the seasonal mad dashes to the mall? Don’t worry, TrialPay has offers that reward users for shopping in stores too. By simply registering their cards, they will get credits in their game app before they even reach the parking lot.

We’re not just talking about the December holidays, either.  Valentines Day is a huge opportunity to capitalize on consumer spend by allowing them to buy flowers and chocolates in exchange for virtual currency in your game or app.

TrialPay’s wide range of high quality offers will help you monetize users during this promotional period by engaging them to earn virtual currency through your app and get through some holiday shopping. There are a number of cross-platform solutions that are quick and easy to integrate. Make sure to contact us at to learn more about how to make the most of this holiday season!