What’s Happening: Tablets’ Rise to Dominance

Much has been made of the differences between shopping on a tablet and shopping on a smartphone, and this week, Business Insider took a deeper dive into what those differences mean for customers.

Although the total number of consumers using tablets is lower than those using smartphones, tablets are beginning to overtake smartphones in retail sales. Additionally, average order values, traffic, and conversion rates are all higher on tablets. Tablets create an overall better user experience, and customers will use their tablets from the beginning of their shopping experience all the way to checkout. Meanwhile, smartphones tend to only be used in the middle of the shopping process for price comparison purposes.


Business Insider did find, however, that despite surging sales on tablets, the majority retailers aren’t ready for the increase in traffic: most tablet sites and landing pages are not up to customers’ expectations, leaving them dissatisfied.

To read the full report, you can click here.

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