What’s Happening: The Future of Black Friday

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Although some news outlets report disappointment in the volume of Black Friday sales, the tally of the holiday weekend’s revenue reveals a bright spot for retailers.

IBM released a study that showed sales on mobile devices grew by more than 40 percent from Black Friday last year, accounting for more than one in five online sales transactions Friday and more than one in four on Thanksgiving Day.

Sales on mobile devices also accounted for one third of purchases made on Cyber Monday. To put that into perspective, mobile accounted for just 4 percent of Cyber Monday online traffic three years ago.

The increase was even more pronounced on smartphone-optimized sites, which saw 76 percent more visits and an increase in sales of 187 percent.

IBM also revealed that while more people browse merchandise on their smartphones, they are more likely to make purchases on their tablets. Tablet sales accounted for twice as many sales as those on smartphones, and tablet users spent 15 percent more per order on average than their smartphone counterparts.

To find out more about mobile’s role this past holiday weekend, check out CNN’s summary here.

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