Valentine’s Day: love is in the air with premium seasonal offers!

Wandering through the grocery store, you may have already noticed Valentine’s Day merchandise filling the shelves.  It may feel early, but this holiday has a huge projected consumer spend of $18.6 billion in the US*!

If you’re asking yourself how that ties to mobile gaming, you’ve come to the right place.  According to the National Retail Federation, almost 40% of smartphone users intend to use their device to shop, and you can enhance that shopping experience by offering virtual currency in exchange for buying Valentine’s Day treats.

Back to the grocery store: you see that box of chocolates. You’re reminded you need to purchase a gift for your valentine, so you pick one up.  Transactional advertising does the same thing, by delivering highly relevant offers to customers, and rewarding them for completing a purchase. Imagine seeing an ad that not only reminds you that you still need to get flowers for your girlfriend (or boyfriend), but also promised to help you advance in the game for doing so! It’s quick, efficient, engaging, and a win for everyone.

Money can’t buy love, but survey results show that Valentine’s Day shoppers plan to express their affection with gifts. Over half of gifters will buy candy, (spending $1.6 billion in total), and another third will give flowers. Total spending expected to top $1.9 billion.

TrialPay is proud to be partnered with some of the most well known, and well respected, brands in Valentine’s Day shopping. By integrating our monetization tools, particularly our premium single offer flow, gamers can receive currency in your game for buying flowers or chocolates.

It’s not just them and their valentines that benefit, either. You’ll enjoy a boost in revenue, as advertisers will pay more for the most effective real estate in the game.  Our seasonal offers are relevant, timely and fit seamlessly into your game.  Users don’t even have to leave the app, which means they can complete their purchase and go straight back to playing.

So, this valentines day, “romance” your customers.  Help them say “I love you” to their sweethearts, while they continue loving your game.




*National Retail Federation

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