What’s Happening: The Growing (and Changing) Mobile Game Sector

The mobile and online games sectors could claim 60 percent of the games’ market share by 2017 and account for $60 billion, according to a Digi-Capital report released this week.

2014.01.17 1

The report highlights the changing face of the mobile games industry. For example, although North America is set to remain a large market, Digi-Capital estimates that Asia and Europe will combine to represent about 80 percent of the mobile and online gaming sectors. In particular, Asia is becoming the biggest driver of economic value in mobile and online games.

In 2013, game downloads accounted for 40 percent of all mobile app downloads in 2013, and 72 percent of the revenue. Digi-Capital predicts that while “2013 was a year of transition, we anticipate 2014 to be a year of both growth and disruption for the games market.”

2014.01.17 2

You can access the full report here.

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