TrialPay’s First Annual Mobile Kickoff

Last week, TrialPay hosted our first annual Mobile Kickoff event in both our Mountain View Headquarters and San Francisco offices.  We brought our developer facing team together from all over to share best practices, insights on the industry, and to come up with new ways to best serve our partners, both current and future. Oh, and to enjoy some great snacks (more on that later).

TrialPay has a history of driving quality users through our platform to reward them for completing offers from our well-known advertisers.  Proven to increase user engagement and revenue for our merchant partners, we are looking forward to integrating our platform further with our rapidly growing mobile division.  We not only aim to be a high quality partner in monetization, but also a developer platform for user acquisition.

The time together also helped bring our newer employees and international team members more into the fold.  In between meetings and presentations, there was some “friendly” foosball, a happy hour, some mobile game testing (this author has a new high score of 6 on Flappy Bird), and a closing ceremony involving impressive dancing.

Some kickoff statistics:

Attendees: 30

Countries represented: 3

Presentations: 11

Questions answered: I lost count at 6

Games downloaded: 25

Popcorn shrimp consumed: 200

(see, I said the snacks would come up again)

Buffalo Wings destroyed:  50

(seriously, we love snacks)

Pitchers of beer drank: 15

TrialPay’s 2014 Mobile Kickoff got our team educated, energized, and eager to help mobile developers effectively acquire and monetize their user base.  So if you want to meet with one of our team members, or grab a drink (with some snacks!), contact us at

 TrialPay KickOff Happy HourSKO 1