What’s Happening: 2018 Mobile Predictions

While Flappy Bird arguably generated the biggest (and most distracting) mobile news this week, we were able to break ourselves away form the game for long enough to realize that other important mobile reports came out this week. For example, Cisco released a study on global mobile data trends encompassing 2013-18. The standout number is Cisco’s prediction for the total size of mobile traffic, which is expected to increase 11-fold from 2013 to 190 exabytes annually.

Additionally, Cisco predicts that by 2018, mobile videos will represent 69 percent of global mobile traffic, up from 53 percent in 2013.

By 2018, more than 64 percent of the world’s population will be mobile users, with the highest growth rates in the Middle East and Africa (which already increased their mobile data traffic by over 100 percent in 2013).

The other key prediction? Cisco believes that smartphones will have data speeds as fast as fixed broadband as soon as next year, causing more people to rely on wi-fi for the mobile browsing rather than their wireless plans.


You can read more here.

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