What’s Happening: Mobile is the Future of Everything

Prompted by a Statista chart depicting Twitter as an effectively mobile-only company, Forbes released an article predicting that mobile is the future – of everything.


While underscoring the urgency of immediately implementing a mobile strategy (or risk being late to the party), the article focuses primarily on the need for all companies – even brick and mortar businesses – to adopt a mobile-first mindset; as mobile phone usage skyrockets, any company selling a product or service should have a mobile presence.

Additionally, Forbes not only emphasizes the importance of optimizing your mobile strategy for the benefit of your customers, but also for the benefit of your employees. In fact, embracing a mobile-first mindset should start within a company and be seen as a way to increase productivity and improve the business.

Check out the full article, along with some helpful tips for how to pivot your company to a mobile-first mindset, here.

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