What’s Happening: WhatsApp and Mobile Content

Amid all the WhatsApp news this week, App Annie and IHS Technology released a new report exploring how mobile device use impacts and redefines the content we consume.


The digital content industry, which comprises digital games, apps, and movies, is now worth $57 billion. Rapid growth has been driven by explosive mobile app usage, and is concentrated in the mobile gaming industry, music industry, and movie industry.

While the growth in mobile games may be unsurprising (though its speed certainly is!), more surprising is the impact mobile use has had on the music and film industries. Apps have fundamentally redefined how customers discover, listen to, and consume music, and as such, have opened up a new stream of revenue for the industry. Similarly, the movie industry is capitalizing on the prevalence of apps to engage their audiences using content like freemium games.

To view the full report and a breakdown of this $57 billion industry, check out App Appie here.

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