What’s Happening: Google, Facebook and the Mobile Ad Space

Global mobile ad spending has been growing steadily, increasing by 105 percent last year and projected to increase by another 75 percent this year to a total of $31 billion.

2014.03.21 1

Facebook and Google accounted for two-thirds of last year’s increase, seeing their net mobile ad revenues grow by a combined $7 billion.

2014.03.21 3

While Google still owns the majority of the worldwide mobile ad market, Facebook has seen exponential growth in the last several years that will cause Google’s share of the market to drop below 50 percent in 2014. Facebook’s growth in the mobile ad space is in line with its overall growth on mobile, where ad revenues will account for a full 63 percent of revenue this year – up dramatically from 2012, when only 11 percent of Facebook’s net ad revenues worldwide came from the mobile platform.

2014.03.21 2

You can take a closer look at eMarketer’s analysis here.

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