Best practices for acquiring users at the App Strategy Workshop (VIDEO)

Last week, TrialPay was proud to sponsor an App Strategy Workshop hosted by the App Developers Alliance.  The App Strategy Workshop, hosted at Runway Startup Incubator in San Francisco, covered all aspects of turning your app into a business, from acquiring to understanding users and, of course, making money!

Brendan Gluck, our head of user acquisition, spoke on a panel about best practices for gaining users, along with Billy Shipp from Iddiction and Mark Epes from PapayaMobile  The panel covered where to find potential customers, how to optimize your campaigns, and how to measure your success.  There were a number of takeaways from the panel to help developers go about building a solid customer base for their apps. Our top three were:

  1. Understand your demographics, and metrics for success: In order to get the best user base, you need to understand what kinds of customers you are going for.  Going for volume with a burst campaign can move you up the app store rankings, but that doesn’t always lead to sustainability, or an ROI positive experiences.
  2. Streamline your analytics and tracking: By doing this you can measure the above mentioned metrics properly to ensure the best results as efficiently as possible.
  3. Optimize campaigns early and often: This will enable you to figure out which channels will give you the highest return, so you can focus on them as quickly as possible.

For more tips on running reward based user acquisition campaigns, be sure to check out our blog post, Setting the record straight on reward install campaigns.

You can watch the full video below:

Highlights and lessons learned from the day: