Visa acquires strategic license of TrialPay’s technology to enhance the world of payments and offers

visa-tpEight years ago, TrialPay pioneered the concept of transactional advertising: placing relevant offers around transactions, and using transactional data to show relevant offers. To date, hundreds of millions of consumers have used our platform to generate new transactions for merchants and advertisers, registering over a quarter billion dollars in revenue.

We are excited to announce that Visa, a long-time partner and investor in TrialPay, has acquired a strategic license to TrialPay’s technology platform. Our transactional tools, which make payments more profitable for consumers and merchants alike, will now be deployed at the largest payment company on earth.

TrialPay itself will remain independent, with no interruptions to any services or partnerships. Visa is not buying TrialPay, just our technology platform. This deal will bring the world’s best transactional marketing tools to Visa, and allows TrialPay to use our substantial funds to further invest in our mobile clients and platform.

My co-founder, Alex Rampell, who in 2013 led the spin out of Yub, our card-linked promotions platform that was acquired by earlier this year, will remain in a strategy role, serving as Chairman of the Board at TrialPay as he assumes his role at Visa moving forward.

TrialPay is also announcing the launch of Evergreen, our industry leading mobile monetization SDK. Previously, in beta with strategic partners, such as Zynga, Glu and Kabam, this platform is now widely available to all developers on iOS and Android platforms.

Evergreen is the industry’s most  comprehensive offer platform combining support for video mediation, direct advertiser deals, in-store offers and in-app commerce.   For more information on this platform, please visit our website.

This deal enables us to further invest in our clients and platform in exciting new ways. We look forward to using our expanded resources to bring our partners the best tools to grow their businesses.

Terry Angelos
Co-Founder and CEO



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