Digging Deeper with TrialPay: Where Advertising and Payments Meet (Interview from PaymentWeek)

Our co-founder and CEO, Alex Rampell, sat down with Andrew Barnes of PaymentWeek to discuss the evolution of TrialPay from a transactional advertising startup, to pioneering the way consumers pay, and connecting online to offline world. Full Article can be … Continue reading


TrialPay at Casual Connect: The Offline Opportunity Part II (VIDEO)

Last week, we mentioned that Wachtang Budagaschwili, our Director of Games Partnerships, would be speaking at Casual Connect Europe. Watch Wachtang’s talk below, as he explores the different ways in which the connection between online gaming behavior and in store … Continue reading


Valentine’s Day: love is in the air with premium seasonal offers!

Wandering through the grocery store, you may have already noticed Valentine’s Day merchandise filling the shelves.  It may feel early, but this holiday has a huge projected consumer spend of $18.6 billion in the US*! If you’re asking yourself how … Continue reading


TrialPay adding new monetization solutions for Facebook developers

Recently, Facebook deprecated their Credits.  All developers that wanted to continue to accept payments for virtual currency and goods in their apps on Facebook were required to switch to a local currency integration.  In response, TrialPay Direct was launched, offering … Continue reading

Getting an unlock code for free is easy!

Credit: www.FreeUnlocks.com

TrialPay Partner, Adam Stone of Free Unlocks, Finalist in Global Student Entrepreneur’s Awards!

TrialPay provides monetization solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. One such company is FreeUnlocks.com, founded in 2009 by Adam Stone. Last week, Adam, a student at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, competed in the global finals of the … Continue reading


TrialPay’s spinoff company, Yub, launches first offline affiliate network!

Earlier this year, TrialPay’s offline division became its very own company called Yub (‘buy’ backwards).  Our CEO and Co-founder, Alex Rampell, has led the charge on developing the new company, based on an innovative idea which he originally coined as … Continue reading