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AdWeek Series: Should You Be Advertising Inside Social Games?

According to a recent report by Nielsen, social networking is the most popular activity on the Web, followed by online games, which are even more popular than personal e-mail. What this means for advertisers is that online games on social … Continue reading


7 Ways to Add Value to Transactions Without Discounting Your Product

Coupons, discounts and sales can be your friend when driving conversions, but they can also be your nemesis. Why should you always have to discount your product purchase price?  After all, your product is a representation of hard work, and … Continue reading


Preempting Search – As Featured on TechCrunch

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on TechCrunch and can be found here. Google: 65.8% Yahoo: 17.1% Microsoft: 11% Ask: 3.8% AOL: 2.3% (Search Engine Market Share, source: Comscore, August 2010) Outside of a tectonic shift in search results/quality … Continue reading

Customer Funnel

Moving Up the Funnel With Transactional Marketing

Brand marketers know that there are a variety of stages when you can influence consumers’ purchases: Awareness > Consideration > Preference > Purchase Before the Web, TV dominated ad budgets as brands attempted to dominate the “Awareness” stage.  Google shifted … Continue reading


Featured on TechCrunch: The Rise of Transactional Advertising

During the last 3 years, Alex Rampell (CEO of TrialPay), has pioneered the concept of transactional advertising by partnering bluechip advertisers with thousands of online merchants. In 2008, Alex foresaw this evolution in e-commerce when he wrote about The End … Continue reading


Are software companies overlooking a valuable strategy for increasing conversions?

With average industry conversion rates as low as 1-2%, converting free or trial users is a challenge for just about every software company. (And it’s also why Avangate says hammers sell better than software). Many software companies increase conversion rates … Continue reading


Rethinking Cost-Per-Install (CPI) Advertising

In order to acquire new users, application developers are spending more than ever on advertising. Social network ad spending is expected to reach $1.3 billion by 2010, according to eMarketer. Developers have been turning away from more traditional advertising models, … Continue reading