Do users who complete offers become paying customers?

An oft cited statistic in social gaming is that only 5% of your players are actually paying customers. So how do you monetize the other 95%?  That’s where TrialPay comes in.  We enable developers to monetize the players who are … Continue reading


Tips for Retaining Customers With TrialPay

As free trials, licenses and subscriptions expire, many software publishers and service providers are faced with the challenge of retaining these customers. Converting free and trial users into paying customers can be tricky since many customers may hesitate to pay … Continue reading


7 Ways to Add Value to Transactions Without Discounting Your Product

Coupons, discounts and sales can be your friend when driving conversions, but they can also be your nemesis. Why should you always have to discount your product purchase price?  After all, your product is a representation of hard work, and … Continue reading


In The Spotlight: IntroWizard Increases Sales by 30%

TrialPay’s ad-funded payment platform gives its users the ability to increase revenue from their Web site’s current traffic or from within their software applications through the use of TrialPay touchpoints. These touchpoints incentivize traffic to make purchases by offering them … Continue reading


Featured on TechCrunch: The Rise of Transactional Advertising

During the last 3 years, Alex Rampell (CEO of TrialPay), has pioneered the concept of transactional advertising by partnering bluechip advertisers with thousands of online merchants. In 2008, Alex foresaw this evolution in e-commerce when he wrote about The End … Continue reading