TrialPay adding new monetization solutions for Facebook developers

Recently, Facebook deprecated their Credits.  All developers that wanted to continue to accept payments for virtual currency and goods in their apps on Facebook were required to switch to a local currency integration.  In response, TrialPay Direct was launched, offering … Continue reading


In response to Facebook’s Breaking Change: Upgrade to TrialPay Direct now to continue providing offers on Facebook apps

With Facebook’s local currency requirement deadline approaching, TrialPay rolls out enhancements to the TrialPay Direct platform. As you know, Facebook has announced the official date for deprecating Credits will be September 12, 2013 (read more on their developer blog). This … Continue reading


TrialPay Launches New Checkout Flow for Higher Conversion Rates

Things are looking pretty good around here—and converting better, too. That’s because we just launched a new-and-improved checkout flow that includes a sleek new design, user-friendly features and a streamlined header. Why? Because we’re always testing and optimizing our UI … Continue reading

Zombie Pets

TrialPay Adds Video to Social Games Offer Inventory

We’re proud to announce that we’ve added video to our social games inventory. Gamers can earn virtual currency for their favorite social games by watching branded videos (previews, commercials, etc.). The benefit of video offers is that they don’t require … Continue reading

TrialPay Offer Overlay

Don’t Leave Money on the Table – Use TrialPay’s Offer Overlay!

If you aren’t using TrialPay’s offer overlay in your Facebook or flash-based games, you could be leaving money on the table. For almost a year, game developers have been switching from traditional offer walls to TrialPay’s offer overlay. Why, you … Continue reading